Welcome Creator

You are here to create content for Advanced Canine Development. You have to log in to be able to review content and make changes. 

Once you login in, you'll get a dashboard you use to create new content. In that page you'll be able to add new pages/blog entries. You may be able to change existing pages (if you have been given permission).

Use the Creator Login panel to log in.

Login failure: The page may look strange if you get your password wrong. If this happens, just try again. Once the login works, you'll get the dashboard.

Creator Login

The Cheat Sheet

Screenshot [Creator Login]

This page has basic instructions on how to add content to the site.

Content is a new page that might eventually be in a menu in the main site. Content is also blog entries of interesting things that have or will happen in the Advanced Canine Development universe.

Logging In (to work on stuff)

You have to log in to get to the dashboard.

Lists of Stuff

The menu items Blog Entries and New Site Pages are lists of content. One for Blog and one for Website Pages. This is where you can see all the content listed with the ability to preview AND edit.

Changing Existing Stuff

Go to a list to edit stuff. Click on the link on the right end of the line in the list to Edit. Click on the link on the left on the line to preview. There is some pictues below with more instructions

Making New Stuff

The menu option Create A Blog Entry and New Website Page take you to straight to a page where you enter your page content (just type stuff in). Both Blog and Website Pages use the same page/editor. Think of it as a really weird word processor. Basically, enter your text, put H2 and H3 tags on the headings, and upload and size images. Don't forget to Save Your Changes. You Close the Page Before You Hit The Save Button, You Lose Your Changes

Dashboard Screenshot

The Dashboard

Once you have logged in, you can work with pages and blog posts (entries). Now you can see the menu at the top of the page. 

Working on Web Pages.

A web page is a title and text about ACD. That is the most basic web page. If you want to get fancy, you add links to other pages, format the text, and add pictures.

The web page will eventually be added to the menu at the top of the page

The List

Pages List 

Adding/Editing Web Pages

Editing Pages

Publishing Status

Working on Blog Entries.

A blog entry or post is a title and text about something. That is the most basic blog entry. If you want to get fancy, you format the text and add pictures.

The blog entry will automatically be added to a page in the site that has at the blog entries with the most recent ones first.

Publishing Matters

Publishing Control

Publishing controls whether a Blog post is visible.

Dates and Status control visibility in the Blog. If they are not empty, they Blog post will only be visible within the date range. You can use a single date with the other blank to control the appearance or disapearance of a post.

If a Blog post is not Published, it will not show.

The List

Blog List 

Adding/Editing Blog Entries

Blog Editing