Initial Consultation


Advanced Canine Development takes a foundational approach to Canine Training. Our process starts by incorporating an evaluation of your dog and your training goals to fully understand your family’s training needs and the variables involved. This allows us to provide you with accurate information and the proper training program. For this reason, we require an initial, in-person consultation for most training programs. There is a $100.00 non-refundable consultation fee for the time and expense of this evaluation. The typical duration of this consultation is approximately 1 hour.

At the initial consultation, we start it as a “meet and greet” to determine if we are a good match for your family. 

  • evaluate the temperament of your pet, in a neutral environment, assess  relationship dynamics, wellness, skills and/or behaviors of your dog;
  • understanding your goals for your dog in order to set fair and positive training expectations based on breed, traits, age;
  • assess the type of behavior the dog is demonstrating, i.e. puppy behaviors, fear based, reactive, aggressive, anxiety;
  • discuss the recommended training options and answering any questions and concerns your family might have;
  • give a tour of the facility, view and demonstrate dogs in our care;

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