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At Advanced Canine Development, we've been committed to refining the bond between you and your dog for decades. We recognize that you and your home are the center of your dog or puppy's universe and focus on personalizing our training for your family and situation. Our program facilitates accelerated learning and quick resolution of behavioral challenges, including housebreaking, leash manners, greeting etiquette, and addressing destructive tendencies.

We are dedicated to empowering you with effective puppy and dog training techniques and equipping your dog with improved responsiveness and obedience. Throughout each session, our trainer will elicit responses from your dog, guiding you through the process to achieve the same results. Your commitment lies in practicing with your dog daily and implementing the learned techniques consistently. Together, we'll ensure tangible progress and a stronger bond between you and your puppy or dog.

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Puppy and Dog Training Programs

A fluffy white dog with a light brown patch over its eye, demonstrating canine training by sitting attentively against a white background.
This program teaches a puppy that learning is fun and rewarding giving you the happy, well mannered, balanced puppy of your dreams.
A happy golden retriever puppy demonstrating its leash manners while sitting with its tongue out.
Everyone wants a well behaved dog. We begin your training with focus on manners and basic obedience. This program is recommended for dogs over the age of 4 months.
A guilty-looking black dog with behavioral challenges lying next to a pair of chewed up shoes with bits spread around.
Our Behavior Modification Program is tailored for those dogs in need of a more involved rehabilitation program. This program is designed to address your dogs underlying issues and provide relief to the families.
Two alert Belgian Malinois dogs, masters of overcoming behavioral challenges, sitting side by side, posing for the camera against a white background.
Basic Manner 2 further builds your relationship with your dog while strengthening the focus and communication skills instilled, we will be adding distractions, distance, duration and difficulty to the behaviors.
A service dog in a red 'working dog do not pet vest', known for its excellent leash manners, is comfortingly embraced by a teddy bear, creating a sweet and unusual scene of companions
Not every dog can be a service dog. At Advanced Canine Development, we can train you and your dog in preparation to become certified as a Therapy Dog team under Therapy Dogs International.

Solving specific behavioral issues

House Breaking

We assist with housebreaking by establishing consistent routines, using positive reinforcement, and addressing accidents calmly and effectively.


Leash Pulling

To remedy leash pulling, we teach loose leash walking techniques, provide consistent reinforcement, and implement redirection strategies.


By teaching alternative behaviors, implementing desensitization techniques, and reinforcing quiet commands we can resolve your dog's excessive barking.



Dogs may chew on furniture, shoes, or other items, often as a result of boredom, anxiety, or teething. We can teach you and your dog strategies for dealing with boredom and stress.



Inappropriate digging behaviors can be resolved providing redirection, mental stimulation, and positive reinforcement techniques.




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